Jo Good’s Vlog

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Jo Good's Vlog

Posted:11 Jan 2020

A middle-aged bint can’t get a lil’ decaf without MiddleAgedMinx sticking a camera in her face. Thank God.

I was once again accosted by the glorious broadcasting legend Jo Good last week.

Our in-depth chat revealed neither of us know what oats are, I need to get a dog, and I didn’t have skin when I lived in London.

The BBC is lucky to have us.

For more of Jo’s brilliance – radio joy, London gems and Sussex moments – go visit

Sitting in for Allison Ferns

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Sitting in for Allison Ferns

Posted:04 Nov 2019

‪​So last week I sat in for the fabulous Allison Ferns on her brilliant Afternoon show on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey.

I had such a great time: loved interviewing our guests — and really loved not breaking the BBC. (Was my first time driving the desk — and if I tell you it took me two years and five tests to pass my actual driving test – and I’ve never driven a car since – you’ll understand the sweating.)

The shows are here if you fancy a listen. I don’t think you can hear my heart pounding. #KeepListening

Glass Door Sleep Out 2019

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Glass Door's Sleep Out 2019

Posted:21 Sep 2019

‪I had the devastating and debilitating experience of being without a permanent base for almost 10 years. In that time I moved ‘home’ around 30 times (19 in the last two of those years) — once to a man I’d never met’s spare room. (He is now my beautiful friend.) I ‘sofa-surfed’ and I crashed. And not in the student way.

This hidden homelessness is humiliating and destroying. So God (doesn’t exist) knows what it’s like to actually be on the streets. My brain can’t even go there. 

The homeless are ignored, the homeless are stolen from, the homeless are beaten up, and the homeless are urinated on. That humans are treated like this is a sin. The homeless crisis is a sin. And, for me, to do nothing about it is a sin.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A home. It’s the most basic need – and right. 

I’ll be taking part in Glass Door’s Sleep Out In The Square 2019. Please support me and Glass Door if you can. And please share. 

Thank you

Link for donations:

London Bridge

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London Bridge

Posted:03 Jun 2019

‪An incredible morning.

I was thrilled to be invited to the unveiling of wonderful Andrew Logan’s stunning new piece Sunshine. So beautiful – and the perfect day to bring some rays of hope, love and joy to London Bridge.

Thank you, Anna Goodman xxx ‬