*phone rings*

Bibi: ‘Max?’
Max: ‘Yes?’
B: ‘It’s Bibi.’
M: ‘I know.’
B: ‘How are you, darling?’

Max starts to say how they are…

B, interrupting: ‘That’s great. Max, I need your help. I need love help. I need the Universe’s love help. Clear your mind. Who do you see me with? What’s the first name that comes to you?’

M: ‘Frank. He’s Frank. “Francis”, professionally. Human rights lawyer.’

B: ‘Oh my God! Will he love me or hate me?’

M: ‘He’ll adore you.’

B: ‘Is he funny? Is he tall? How tall is Frank?’

M: ‘Frank is 6ft. He’s very intelligent; very dry wit. Lovely dark hair.’

B: ‘I really love Frank. I’m going to find him!’

M: ‘Don’t you want to know about his penis first…?’

Hello and welcome to Let’s Get Frank — the dating podcast presented by me, Bibi Lynch.

I’ve written about sex and dating for the glossies and nationals; co-hosted the Good Sex Bad Sex podcast and the BBC’s late-nite After the Watershed radio show; and my last relationship ended the day after Diana died.

I know.

I should be an expert — but I can’t even get a second date.

So this is a podcast about my journey to find the love of my life: Frank. (‘Francis’, professionally.)

With the help of Annabelle Knight, my sounding board and dating coach extraordinaire, I’m going to find Frank, date Frank, and hopefully marry Frank.

Good luck, everyone.

Let’s Get Frank, the latest podcast release from Reel2Media, is available on all major podcast platforms.